DSC_0822On this blog I will posts pictures that I took during the last years around Asia.

I am not a professional photographer, I just started to realize the beauty you see through the lens – may it be the people or the landscapes. Ever since I can rememeber, my dad always had a camera. But back then being a child I was more annoyed than interested from his permanent picture-taking. But then, a few years ago I bought me my first camera again and since then I’m really into that topic. But honestly I have to admit that I spend more time looking at all the stunning pictures you find in the world wide web than taking my own pictures. I’m so fascinated and more often I think that I’m just another drop in the ocean. But anyways, I try to keep posting my kind of images. And everytime I travel a new country I guess there will be a change in perspective.

If you like, just tell me what your opinion about travel-photography is. I’m really looking forward reading your comments. Or simply drop a message to SketchesOfAsia at gmail dot com.

Unless otherwise stated, all my photography is copyright and all rights are reserved. Please, do not copy or otherwise reuse my photos for any reason without permission. If you do want, please contact me via this page or email.

Feel free to visit my other pages:

Mit kleinen Schritten

I know that you’re still confused

Thank you!


6 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks Trish for the compliment and for visiting and following my blog.

      I’ll do my best to post new pictures on a regular basis. But then, somehow I’ll have to travel again, I guess 😉


  1. Thank you Elmer!

    Nice pics in your blog as well. Recently I realized, that you are locate in Malate, Manila. I’m leaving Malate this evening, otherwise we could have met for a photowalk or a beer. Maybe next time…

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