About me

DSC_0822On this blog I will posts pictures that I took during the last years, mainly around Asia.

I am not a professional photographer, I just started to realize the beauty you see through the lens – may it be the people or the landscapes.

Honestly I have to admit, that photography was something very annoying to me back then when I was a child / teenager, since my dad always had a camera and was constantly taking pictures. So I can definitely say that I don’t belong to those people who have always loved photography.

But now I do! And although I spend more time with clicking through all the awesome sources of inspiration in the internet, and while I think that my photography might just be another drop in the ocean I practice a lot – mainly when I’m traveling. I realize that I see things very different through the lens, and more often than before I think my eyes are more open if there is a rangefinder in front of them than without.

Unless otherwise stated, all my photography is copyright and all rights are reserved. Please, do not copy or otherwise reuse my photos for any reason without permission. If you do want, please contact me via this page or email me at mwest2k8@gmail.com.






  • part of SeeMe exhibitions candid collection, Musee du Louvre, Paris, 13 July 2015
  • Exhibition “Everyday Asia”, Bundesnetzagentur, Bonn, November 2015


  • Exhibition “Everyday Asia”, Vision Park, Herzogenaurach, November 2016


  • Part of Spiegel-Online picture series



Feel free to visit my other webpage:

I know that you’re still confused

Thank you!


6 thoughts on “About me

    • Thanks Trish for the compliment and for visiting and following my blog.

      I’ll do my best to post new pictures on a regular basis. But then, somehow I’ll have to travel again, I guess 😉


  1. Thank you Elmer!

    Nice pics in your blog as well. Recently I realized, that you are locate in Malate, Manila. I’m leaving Malate this evening, otherwise we could have met for a photowalk or a beer. Maybe next time…

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