A prayer for Tacloban

It’s nearly a year gone since I first visited Orlando Uy in his hometown Tacloban. He took me with him on one of his regular sunday walks, and showed me some of the places that looked so familiar to me from his pictures. But that was only half the truth so far. Of course you can give a quite good expression of people or situations by posting pictures. But meeting them in person is something completely different. I cannot remember having met such friendly and hospitable people before.

Following the news about Yolanda (how the Filipinos have named typhoon Haiyan) during the last days makes me really, really sad. When I first read that the City of Tacloban is most affected I couldn’t and wouldn’t believe it. Thinking of all the people and that some of those I met will probably not have survived this tragedy or have lost everything is something that is really hard to imagine. No matter where such tragedy happens it is always terrific. But if you have a kind of relation to the place it makes it even harder.

So I really say a prayer to all the people out there in Tacloban and of course in the rest of the Philippines that are suffering from this disaster. Stay strong. May God bless all of you!

Taken: Tacloban, Philippines

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