Jesus above the clouds

When we visited sugarloaf mountain the whole are was in deep clouds. But as it got later the clouds disappeared and offered this stunning view

Taken: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Evening session


Watched the capoeira evening session with these two mestres at Jericoacoara beach.




Taken: Jericoacoara, Brazil

Was there alcohol involved?

The longer the parade lasted the smoother the movements became. I guess it was because of the heat and the alcohol – both came in heavy doses…. 

Taken: Sucre, Bolivia

Street Impressions

An always nice interaction of light and shadow

Taken: Kiev, Ukraine

Sundays at the church

Sunday prayers at the St. Volodymir’s Cathedral in Kiev, which is the mother cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Haven’t seen such a crowded church for years.

Taken: Kiev, the Ukraine

Behind the scenes #2

In the evening hours life’s getting a bit more relaxed at the beach. Get your last icecream or caipirinha before this guy will shut down his shop for today.

Taken: Jericoacoara, Brazil

The dove

This building by famous architect Oscar Niemeyer is called the dove – guess why

Taken: Brasilia, Brazil

She’s watching you

Young skater Girl at a Festival in La Paz

Taken: La Paz (Bolivia)

Sunday prayer

Prayers in Brasilia during the holy week

Taken: Brasilia, Brazil

Sponge Bob

SpongeBob – as seen in Brasilia

Taken: Brasilia, Brazil

Watch your step

Watch your step – on the scaffold and below!

Taken: Lapa (Rio de Janeiro), Brazil


You never know what future top star you are watching while drinking your caipirinha on one of the uncountable beaches.

Taken: Maragogi, Brazil

Night Train to Hanoi

Stewards checking the compartments of the overnight train from Da Nang to Hanoi.

Taken: between Da Nang and Hanoi (Vietnam)

Waiting in vain

I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love… (Bob Marley)

Taken: Brasilia, Brazil

Tambourine Man


Out of every corner of the small bar you hear some tambourine, a rattle, clapping. Every now and then someone new comes by and joins the band, like this old man. And the whole bar is singing and dancing…

Taken: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Orange on blue


Working guys taking a break from unloading their truck. With light and shadow colors pop out more vibrant than usual

Taken: Sao Luís, Brazil

Sunrise at 6


Getting up at 4:30 for several days in a row pays off for situations like these…

Taken: (around) Hoi An, Vietnam

The next generation


The next generation seems to be ready  for action – in a few years I will see you in the main crowd.


Taken: Sucre, Bolivia

Best friends


Best friends share everything with each other – even their secrets…

Taken: Maragogi, Brazil

A day on the beach


A day on the beach. Fun for the whole family – dog included…

Taken: Atins, Brazil

In the fish factory


Thank god, you cannot smell the stench that’s hanging around that area. For me it was hard to stand that smell but these two ladies seemed to be totally unimpressed.

Taken: around Hoi An, Vietnam

No. 14 to Castelo


People. At the bus. At night.

Taken: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Have a good one

Watched this scene at the entrance of one Barangay in Manila. Thought, that it fits well the beginning of the new year. All the best to you and a happy new 2017.

Watched this scene at the entrance of one Barangay in Manila. Thought, that it fits well the beginning of the new year. All the best to you and a happy new 2017.

Taken:Manila, Philippines

Pink on blue


Colourful dressed dancers during the labour-day-parade in Sucre.

Taken: Sucre, Bolivia

Permanent giggeling


When I walked around these ladies grabbing the crabs during the low tide I heard their giggeling and laughing on and on. I’m not sure if it was because of the stranger prowling around them or because they were just cheerful as every day.

Taken: Maragogi, Brazil

The old and the new


Would be interesting to know, what the two traditionally dressed cholitas think about their modern descendants…

Taken: Sucre, Bolivia

Behind the scenes #1


I really like to take portraits of people. But I also like capturing them from behind, waiting for customers, like this ice-cream-seller, or when they are just standing around without any certain purpose.

Taken: Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Kunta Kinte


Watched a Capoeira group in Santa Teresa when I saw this boy. The name on the shirt reminds me of a story I saw in TV when I was a child (“Roots”). Interesting to see that someone still uses that name of a slave nowadays.

Taken: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

around 4000m

First you have to climb several steps before you can play soccer on that altitude. For them it didn’t seem to be something special. I felt sick only by watching them from the distance.

Taken: La Paz, Bolivia

Three white coats

These guys belong to one of the unocuntable groups of musicians/dancers/posers participationg in the labour day parade in Sucre – most of them bridging their time with drinking beer…

Taken: Sucre, Bolivia