Human mimicry #2

Another brilliant example of people being one with their surroundings.

Taken: Havana, Cuba


Human mimicry

Interesting to see how sometimes people clothes fit exactly their surroundings. Seems like they are like chameleons…

Taken: Havana, Cuba

Inside Niemeyer

Right time, right place. I was lucky to get a private guided-tour although the site was closed. Silence to let the beauty work on me.

Taken: Niteroi, Brazil

Spaceship #2

A different perspective – have a look at the navigation bridge

Taken: Niterói, Brazil

Spaceship #1

Niemeyer’s Contemporary Art Museum in Niterói – could be a spaceship as well

Taken: Niterói, Brazil

Behind the scenes – again

I really love to take pictures of people from behind. Especially in situations that are more intimate. which isn’t meant to be disrespectful.

Taken: Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

The last passenger

Waiting for the last passengers to arrive before closing the gate.

Taken: Salvador de Bahia, Brazil


Coincidences lead to beautiful results – sometimes

Taken: Niterói, Brazil

Chasing shadows

No words are able to describe these moments of pure joy.

Taken: Barra da Lagoa, Brazil


Blinded by the sun

Taken: Brasilia, Brazil